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History and tradition

Pioppi is known as a seaside resort thanks to the exceptional quality of its waters, awarded several times by the sails of Legambiente and the recognition of important blue flags – 5 sails.

Pioppi hosts at the ancient Castle Vinciprova (dating back to the 12th century), the “Living Museum of the sea”, interesting structure composed of several ponds where admire up close fish, molluscs and other marine beauty.

At the museum takes place in recent years, the festival of the Mediterranean diet, a rich event born thanks to Ancel Keys, American physiologist.

Akfc’s contribution to the cultural and scientific revolution about the risk factor of cardiovascular diseases, made him one of the most important scientists in the history of medicine.

Died, famous, at 101 years in 2004, good Prophet in remembrance of the famous phrase that many decades earlier had pronounced to Pioppi:

<<I here I must extend my life by 20 years.”

Every year, traditionally Cilento, in September, takes place the “sagra of the fish”

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